How to make money by Blogging?

Blogging in itself does not earn you money. Directing your traffic to an actual business does. You earn money if you use it for Sales, Marketing & Promotional Activities.
Here are some of the ways to do it:
Google Adsense (Not Recommended)


The easiest thing to do for a newbie, it is not a great income source actually. Does not make you much money until you have millions or billions of views to speak of. When you set up Adsense, people who come to your website see the Google Ads displayed on your website and if they desire the products and services being offered, they click on it and go to the other business’s page.
If you are anything like me and research well and work hard to create some great content, it is almost heartbreaking for someone to leave your post like this and move on. Even though, it is these clicks that are earning you money. It’s like preparing a great meal for your friends and when they come, directing them to a restaurant nearby.
This is the reason, I recommend the other two options to earn money through your blog:
Affiliate Marketing (Good Way to Earn)
Amazon, Ebay and many other well-established E-commerce websites offer you an option to become their associates and promote their products. If people buy products through your blog, you get a good commission on it.
Here is an example of what people around the world make through this channel:
If your expertise is gauging through digital products, mobile phones, gadgets, books, fashion – and other products or services and recommend the best ones to your friends, you might do well in this field. The idea is that you have the knack to convince people that what you are suggesting is really the best.
The only thing here is that this might steer you away from following your dream – as you get involved in promotion work.
Promoting Your Own Brand (Best Way to Make Money through Blogging)
Most top bloggers earn money through this way. Pay Flynn, the blogger from California, reportedly earned $108,461.90 in November 2015. He writes just about 5-10 posts per month and organizes webinars, podcasts, conducts interviews of other famous bloggers, and is a world-class speaker at big events. SEO expert Matthew Woodward from the UK earned $27,552.76 through his blog in the same month.
Note that most of the top bloggers are also international speakers and also organize training events and webinars for the corporate and general public too. It means that they promote their own brand.
If you already have a business, you can use your blog to generate ‘leads’ or find out potential clients to whom you can pitch your products or services.
How to make Blogs Work?
Blogging takes a lot of time and patience. It takes at least 6 months to a year of regular posting quality content for the blogs to get noticed. Here is an amazing infographic on what all does it take to make blogs work:
How to Make Money with Least Effort?
If all you want to do is to share your expertise and earn money – without having to deal with SEO, social media channels, linking and backlinking, article posting, and all the countless things bloggers do, you may try becoming a subject expert on Transtutors– and answer questions of college students worldwide in your own time.
You can Become an online tutor with Transtutors  It is not a typical ‘Online Tutor’ thing where you have to be available at the time you committed to your students and teach them in real-time. It allows you to choose which questions to answer – whenever you have time. For each question you answer, you get some money upfront. Besides, you earn ‘Royalty’ on it too for a life-time.
It means that if you give quality answers, students will want to subscribe to the website after reading it and you earn commission on it. With a few thousand answers under your belt, you can earn upto $5,000 per month for lifetime passively – without doing anything.
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